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We believe science should be fun, accessible and affordable. Hence, Science.my is born to provide all Malaysians anything and everything science related to celebrate the scientist in you!

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Can’t think of what to get for you child for their birthday gift? Give them a new point-of-view in life. Give them something to keep their curiosity burning. Give them a Microscope.   Shop now.
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Science.my has made science equipment accessible to the general public and easily purchase by consumer who are not in the medical / lab / science industry.

For commercial use, BIG Group

The website was clear with products that I was looking for. All prices was published and additional cost such as shipping and payment methods was very clearly indicated. Not many websites do this and is actually a turn-off when it comes to on-line shopping. If I wanted and needed to ask for prices or bargain for discounts, I’d rather go to a shop. Everything here is clear cut and straight to the point. Thanks! Andrew

E-Juice brewing for vaping

Fast service. Good packaging.

For decorations, Basic Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd

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Beakers ain’t just for the lab!

    So there I was having lunch with my friends at Ben's and guess what I saw? OK ignore the crazy looking people in the picture. Notice the tiny little glass beaker there? Yup, that's a 25ml beaker used creatively for coffee syrup! And here's one more 50ml...