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Our Company

We believe that science should be enjoyed by all generations.

Our Story

It started in 1978, by a man with big dreams. A young chemist by the name of Lieu Sin Pin decided that he would like to start his own business helping business with what he knows and loves, science.

Year Established

Our Core Values

We aspire to be Malaysia’s greatest cheerleader for the advancement science. We aim to provide the right equipment and supplies to anybody who requires it, conveniently and affordably. So that means, whether you are a purchasor of a food manufacturer looking for a specific chemical to make that perfect flavor, or just a curious student wanting to look a little closer at life, we bring it all to you.

Our Offerings

We offer all kinds of scientific equipment, apparatus and supplies in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. Some of the things we sell include inorganic and organic chemicals, glassware, microscopes, electronic balances, consumables, teaching aids and more. We carry a range of reputable brands including JT Baker (US) and R&M (UK), and have supplied to schools, colleges, laboratories, factories, researchers and government bodies since 1978.

Meet the Team!

Mr. Lieu Sin Pin

The Man Who Started It All

With 40 years of experience in the field, Mr. Lieu has devoted his entire life to understanding the science and scientific products. He acts as chief consultant to and also provides a home to the products we supply.

Joshua Khoo

The Digital Science Guy

Joshua Khoo is a guy who loves science. He graduated from school with As for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and went on to study Electronic Engineering. His path took a different turn and he ended up doing digital marketing and product development for a local telco. But he never forgot his roots and passion for science!